12 Days to Go

We’re leaving in 12 days! It’s a whirlwind around here. We got the storage unit a couple weeks ago, and we’ve been taking loads there every day or two and trying to stay organized. But we’re getting to the point of just throwing things in boxes and dealing with it later.

I must say, it’s nice to clean house. We’re selling most of our big furniture, to avoid paying for a larger storage unit. (Of course, we got a big unit anyway, and our stuff will be swimming in it. I guess it will be easier to find stuff if we have to rent a little apartment when we get home in a year and can’t move out of the storage unit entirely.)

Work has been crazy for both Angela and me. As if it wasn’t busy enough, our office moved to a new building last week, while we’re trying to launch two major projects with a bunch of new staff.

Stressed? ¡Por supuesto! Excited? ¡Absolutamente!

We can hardly wait to get going.

One thought on “12 Days to Go

  1. We are praying for your adventure to be fun, safe and filled with God’s love. You never know you just might plant a seed there that grows into a prayer meeting or whatever it is that God has sent you there for. How wonderful is God’s peace. Hugs to you all.

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