Why Ajijic? Proximity

This is the first of a series of posts talking about why we chose to move to Ajijic. First up: the location.

When we were planning to move to Iquitos, we began bracing ourselves for the travel. The quickest path from PDX to Iquitos was 3 flights taking nearly 20 hours. The cheaper tickets had longer layovers, pushing it to 24 hours or more. And cheaper still wasn’t cheap, with round trip airfare running $1,400 each. We were going to be spending over $10,000 on airfare alone over the course of the year.

Mexico, as it turns out, is much closer. Flights to Guadalajara are more frequent, quicker, and far less expensive. I can have breakfast with the family, hop on a flight and be into my office in time to tell the staff good night. Round trip tickets can be found for a touch over $500. Best of all, Alaska Airlines flies to GDL, making it relatively easy for me to maintain my status in their mileage plan.

Plus, Alaska doesn’t penalize you for booking one-way. A round trip ticket costs the same as two one-way legs. So we bought four one-way tickets to GDL for the whole family for under $1,000.

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