So much stuff

We broke down and pulled an old suitcase from storage to put more stuff in. Angela pointed out that we’ll have to get a cart at the airport anyway, since the kids can’t muscle 2 50-pound bags each. If that’s the case, what’s one more bag on the cart?

I checked with Alaska Airlines, and the 3rd bag fee is $75, while the overweight fee is also $75. They only charge one fee per bag. So we can jam 100 lbs of stuff into that last bag, and it will cost the same as a 15 lb 3rd bag. Yay, more stuff.

Man, I can’t believe how much stuff I’m personally bringing. It’s hard to imagine that I’ll actually use all of it. But it’s like the old story about advertising: the businessman knows half the advertising doesn’t work, he just don’t know which half. In my case, I know I won’t use half the stuff I’m bringing, I just don’t know which half.

One thought on “So much stuff

  1. And just like after I throw a bunch of stuff out – I then find that, some months later, I have to go out and buy more of the stuff I threw out. It’s one of those rock and a hard places. We’ll miss you all . . . the music, the smiles and more. May His blessings be on you and your family.

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