The night before departure

We leave for Mexico in 8 hours. It’s hard to believe that we’re finally at this moment after 27 months of planning. Angela pointed out that for J, over half the life he remembers has been planning for this coming year, and now the moment is here.

J spent the afternoon playing at his best friend’s house, and as they parted there were a lot of tears by both the boys (and, I’ve heard, by the moms, too). Z spent the afternoon with one of her best friends, too. We’ll be giving both kids access to iPads specifically to text and FaceTime their friends on a regular basis.

My colleagues at work are so excited for us, and sent me off with a full heart. I work with such a great team, I can’t imagine trying to do this without their support.

This morning in staff meeting, I told them of the incredible peace Angela and I feel about doing this. I know God is behind this, especially in the timing and location. That gives me a confidence to go boldly into the unknown, without fear or tentativeness. This place of peace in my heart is where I want to stay.

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